Artisanal Gelato Franchising

Family-Friendly Authentic Italian Ice Cream

We’re passionate about serving our guests the best Italian treats. Quality fresh-made gelato is available year round, complemented with a selection of the finest microlot teas and world-class specialty coffee. This winning formula is completed with our popular indulgent hot chocolates in the colder months.

With a clean welcoming design and a friendly atmosphere, we aim to give every guest a moment of Italian indulgence.

“Emma La Dolce is all about health, joy and of course authentic Italian gelato. But most of all, Emma La Dolce is about a welcoming family: so we invite you to be part of our Italian gelato family. Mangia con noi - eat with us!”

Gelato Made In House & Fresh Desserts

In gelato, as in business, 'simple is better'. We ensure quality by using fresh ingredients and encouraging daily production.
Our technology makes reliable, high quality gelato and desserts achievable with a minimum of time and training.

On top of this support is provided in all key areas: production, customer journey,
quality standards, workflow, product development and beyond.

What Makes Emma Different?

Health Conscious
And Family Friendly

Gelato is a lower calorie treat than ice cream: it’s something the whole family can enjoy, guilt-free in any season.

Approachable & Authentically Italian

With our simple format, we’re opening up an Italian foodie favorite to a mainstream audience.

Deliciously ‘Free From’

Gluten free, vegan and low sugar options are available, all without compromising on taste.

Premium Italian Beverages

The best specialty coffee and exceptional microlot teas available year round, plus perfectly prepared hot chocolates.

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