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Segafredo Select

Segafredo Select is an accessible-premium cafe designed for a wide and growing audience of design-aware coffee lovers.


For the new generation of urban well-travelled post-foodies, Massimo provides the perfect way to taste the genuine Emilia-Romagna experience.

Emma la Dolce

The next step in Artisanal Italian Ice Cream franchising. A moment of healthy indulgence by serving authentic Italian-style gelato in an accessible, family focused, atmosphere.

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso

For lovers of the traditional Italian cafe, Segafredo Espresso gives a perfectly delivered experience every time.

Chock Full o’ Nuts

For real New Yorkers (or real New York lovers) all over the world, Chock Full o’ Nuts provides a taste of the Big Apple as it once was: simple, direct and bold.


For normal people who are on the go who just want a great brew, Puccino’s offers a friendly and accessible coffee and snack in an atmosphere that brings a smile to your face.


For an open minded, modern, international audience, Heavenly represents the present dream, and future potential, of New York City: clean, healthy and perfectly designed.

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